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June 6, 2013By Father Walter


How do I see "my” parish and where do I start?

 1 – The primary function of the Church is to give GLORY & PRAISE to GOD; and this happens mainly in the LITURGY. Very interesting to know that the first document adopted by the Vatican Council II, was exactly the document on the LITURGY. If you remember it is when they changed Latin into English.

2- The second mission of the Parish is to REACH OUT. There are many ways in which the parish can do that. We have a parish bulletin, regular mailings, web pages and Newsletters. Certainly we will strengthen these, but we also will add the so called SOCIAL MEDIA. Among others: e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, streaming and even texting. While some people will not make use of these new media, the young and the distant parishioners will be able to connect with the old mother church.

3 – The strength of the Parish relies heavily on the organization of the various LANGUAGE COMMUNITIES. We want to make room for all of them and encourage their religious and cultural development.  We want also to provide some needed Immigration Services, which our parish has the opportunity to offer.

4 – The NEW EVANGELIZATION brings all of us to a greater commitment to RELIGIOUS FORMATION at all levels. During the Summer, let us prepare a good program for ADULT FORMATION.

THE KEY TO ALL THIS? THE COMMITMENT OF VOLUNTEERS. What can you do for your church? Let us know!

Fr. Walter.

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