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Liturgy Committee Meeting Agenda 5/23/2013
May 21, 2013By Father Walter

AGENDA: May 23, 2013.

1 – Yearly Calendar of LITURGICAL ACTIVITIES. (Planning from here to Christmas)

2 – Schedule for regular FORMATION MEETINGS.

3 – ALTAR SERVERS - Altar Preparation - Chalice, hosts, water-wine - Tabernacle key - books........

       One coordinator - Making schedule - Instructing them - Celebrations and social.

4 - LECTORS - (2 each mass and possibly serving once a month)

5 – MUSIC - VOLUNTEERS - Choir - Monthly Preparation - MAKING PEOPLE SING.

6 – USHERS - Various duties - One captain each mass (preparation, Welcome, closing, counting...)

       Offertory Procession - Always get 2 people before mass.

 --- EACH LANGUAGE COMMUNITY will find lots of volunteers for their mass...       


PS – 23rd of June MASS of THANKGIVING for Fr. JOHN Massari.


EUCHARISTIC ADORATION.....................Evening VESPERS....ROSARY.

CONFESSIONS.........(monthly - Saturday before mass)


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